Thursday, December 29, 2016

Birds in The Snow

I was inspired by the holiday season and the accumulating snow in my yard to paint some seasonal birds.
I kept my colour pallet simple and "cool" for this little series to help illustrate the ice and snow. I layered fluid acrylic paint over watercolours to get the vibrant reds and white snow. Each painting is 4" by 5" and painted on a watercolour board. 
These paintings are available for $20 each in my Etsy Shop!

Snow is so beautiful, unless you have to drive in it. As a child I loved playing in the snowy forest at my cabin. The silent snow blanketed the forest like icing on a cake, making everything look like a fairy tale land. I can remember making snow angels while gazing up into the milky way as snowflakes gently fell on my face. 

When I painted these birds I wanted to capture those quiet magical moments that occur in nature.

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