Friday, October 14, 2016

Series of Succulents

I started this little series of paintings back in May. Since then they have sat around in various places, almost complete but not quite. I finally got around to finishing them off this week and listing them in my Etsy shop!

I started these paintings at the end of May, which is a hectic month for me so I was looking for something calm and zen to paint. Succulents caught my attention because there are so many different kinds and they are so individual and unique. I'm generally not a huge fan of painting still life's but every so often I enjoy a little experiment.
I worked on them at the same time to keep the colour theme cohesive. I splattered the background with the paintings side by side which made the background process quicker....even though it  took me 4 months to actually complete them. Let's face it, I'm really good at procrastinating! 
I now have them listed in my Etsy shop in separate listings. As cute as they look all together I feel that they will most likely sell individually, although I'd be willing to give a deal to anyone that wants the whole set!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Autumn Fox

 This little fox was inspired by the colours of Autumn. I'm not a huge fan of Fall but natures colour pallet is pretty awesome this time of year.
I took the time to document my process along the way to show the different stages of mixed media that I used.
I used a variety of mediums for this painting to get the effects that I wanted. I started out with the background leaves using my favorite Winsor & Newton watercolours.

After a few layers of watercolour I used a sharpie pen to outline everything and clean up my corners. Then I pulled out my Faber Castell pencil crayons to really get into some detail.

After creating layers of fur with pencil crayons I used my smallest paintbrush to create white highlights with fluid acrylic paint. When I got to this stage the fox finally started looking cute! 
This 8" by 10" Autumn Fox painting is now listed in my Etsy shop!