Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sea Turtle in Acrylic

Acrylic Sea turtle painting- 12" by 16"

Watercolour Sea turtle painting - 6" by 8"
I started this sea turtle at the beginning of January and have worked consistently on it using tiny brushes, working my way through as much detail as possible. I temporarily got frustrated with it for a week and did a smaller scale watercolour sea turtle painting which helped me understand and work through some of the issues I was having with the larger painting. 
I am really enjoying working with acrylics and I'm slowly making my way through a large stack of canvases (purchased on sale!) 
This acrylic Sea Turtle can be found in my Etsy Shop

Monday, February 15, 2016

Pinky Picks A Flower

 This weekend I took a break from my larger projects to complete this little guy. My theory is that I will get back to those paintings with fresh eyes this week and finish them up!
I drew this little baby elephant on Wednesday and spent a few days dreaming up the rest of the flowers and animals. Once I had it figured out I went over it with pen and started to add colour. I really enjoyed this painting and was happy with how quickly it came together. I have figured out a particular style and way of working with watercolours that I am now really starting to enjoy. After a few years of practice via trial and error I might kind of, sort of know what I am doing. 

 'Pinky Picks a Flower' is an 8" by 10" watercolour and ink painting and can be purchased from my Etsy shop!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Sea Turtle in a Coral Reef

Over the past month I have watched numerous documentaries that have enlightened me on the lack of protection and respect humans have for the ocean. A healthy ocean is the beginning of life as well as the largest CO2 absorbing entity on the planet. In a polluted world where we have suddenly become aware (or not so aware) of our harmful CO2 emissions you would think that we would be doing everything in our power to ensure that the ocean was kept in good form to help us out. Sadly we have already wiped out 50% of the coral reefs and are quickly depleting the ocean of fish through unsustainable fishing habits, acidification and the destruction of habitat. If we continue in this manner there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050!
The more I learn, the more I am disappointed in humanity and the people who really have the power to change things. I am currently taking steps to lessen my personal environmental footprint. I try to buy things with less packaging, recycle and I am going back to a vegetarian diet because agriculture and the practices around raising animals for food accounts for the largest percentage of CO2 emissions (more than all transportation combined.)
Because I am so bothered about these facts I have dedicated most of this month to painting sea turtles in a coral reef. I have a larger acrylic version of the same turtle also in the works and every time I sit and paint I am distracted by thoughts about the plight of the ocean. My job as an artist is to share this knowledge in every possible way.

Sea Turtle in a Coral Reef is 6" by 8" mixed media mounted to a cradled board and is now in my Etsy shop!