Friday, January 6, 2017

Favortie Pencil Drawing Supplies

Over the summer I challenged myself to create a small pencil drawing every day. I wanted to be able to easily travel with all of my supplies so pencil was the perfect medium. I generally travel with 2 pencils (2b mechanical, 3H) a large tri-tip eraser, Faber-Castell pencil eraser, blending stump and a small sharpener. I used a small sketchbook to keep my pre-cut paper clean and flat in my purse. 

I switched from regular pencils to a mechanical one over the summer and I love it! Although I still start my drawings with a sketch using a 3H pencil, which allows me to fully erase my mistakes. My favorite eraser for this stage is my 'Generals tri-tip' eraser. It is soft and gentle on your paper but erases almost anything! Once I'm happy with my sketch I switch to a  0.5 mechanical pencil with 2b lead for the remainder of the drawing. At this stage I start using a blending stump and my Faber-Castell detail pencil eraser. I love that I can sharpen this eraser which helps keep my detail work clean. 
My daily drawings are for sale in my Etsy Shop.