Friday, April 17, 2015

Handmade Paper at Das Buch

 As you may remember I have recently become slightly obsessed with making homemade paper. When I cut paper for the pages in my journals I am left with odd shaped scraps. Making paper out of these scraps gives them a new life! 
I have been making paper every Wednesday for a month now and I finally have enough to start bundling it up and selling it. So far I have three different types of paper. I made a whole bunch of coloured paper that is embedded with coloured flake sparkles. My family and friends have been complaining about the trail of sparkles that has been following me around so there might not be any new sparkle papers for awhile. :P
I have also been wandering around collecting flour petals and pressing leaves for a more botanical looking paper. These ones are my favorite! I plan to collect wild flowers at my cabin this summer and create a whole line of floral papers. These papers have tulip petals, myrtle tree leaves and some pressed ferns from the side of the house. 

These paper packs are listed in my Das Buch Etsy site alongside my journals, bookmarks and illustrated Moleskine Journals.

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