Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Moment For Thought

June was a crazy month filled with end of the year rehearsals, photos and dance shows. The dance season starts in September and our June shows showcase the hard work that the students and their teachers have put in throughout the past ten months. The stress and work all paid off and to my great relief my little ballerinas (3-4 years old) even stood in a straight line on stage!
As June comes to a close and dance takes a two month break I have found myself with a lot of spare time. I enjoy this break because it gives me time to really focus on my art but sometimes I miss the busyness of my regular schedule. For the first few days I felt like I couldn't create. There was no vision or inspiration to push me to paint so I not so patiently waited it out with some silly doodles till my muse reappeared. 

'A Moment For Thought' was partially sketched out a few months ago but jumped out at me last week as I was flipping through my sketchbook. I spent the last week thinking about the direction of my art, where I want it to go and the bigger vision I have for it so this is a small representation of that process.
Since I have so much spare time you can expect regular blog updates and art for the next few months as I intend to paint the summer days away! 
Happy Canada Day :)