Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Speed Painting - Pointe shoes II

I have finally put together my fourth speed painting video. The painting was complete two weeks ago but I have been busy making Christmas cards and other gifts. I have also been procrastinating...but Christmas stuff is a good excuse! ;)
This painting is 8" by 10" and painted with acrylic black and white ink on watercolour board mounted to a cradled wood panel. It took me about two hours and 15 minutes to paint it, not including drying time etc. In real time I spent two afternoons painting and filming it. I Sped this one up a little more than the last few because it was going to be longer than the music Sebastian gave me. Plus, no one needs to watch a 6 minute video that they could enjoy in 5 minutes.

My prickly Hedgehog friend Robert also makes a brief appearance in this video. I woke her up from her slumber to film it so she is a little lethargic and slow. She is nocturnal and a reasonably grouchy creature, especially during the day!

This painting can be found in my Etsy shop along with the rest of my available paintings and prints!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Lunar Gaze

This painting has been in the works for quite awhile and I am happy to have finally completed it. It is a collaboration of sorts between Sebastian Olejnik and myself. We took the reference photo I used for this painting two summers ago at the cabin when I was doing my morning yoga on the deck. This past summer I finally got around to sketching it out in my sketchbook. The heron and the moon were Sebastian's ideas as was the title of the piece. 
The original is 11" by 14" mixed media (acrylic ink, glass beads, gloss varnish, pearl paint) on watercolour board mounted on a painted (black) cradled wood panel. 

I struggled with the moon. I wanted it to glow and reflect the way the real moon does. After painting it in ink I applied a gloss varnish that has tiny glass beads in it. It adds a very interesting texture as well as a little sparkle.
I then applied a mixed media paint appropriately named Fantasy Moon - Pearl over top of the beads to give it a luminous finish. I made a test moon to make sure that all my paints would work together the way I wanted them to because I was pretty terrified that I would screw up the moon and have to start the whole thing over! Luckily things worked out and I think it is reasonably effective. 

You can find this painting in my Etsy shop along with the rest of my completed art!