Sunday, August 28, 2016

As You Are

This little project started a few months ago. Sebastian composed a mix of one of our favorite Kimbra songs and wanted me to put together a dance for a video project. The song is five minutes long so it took my most of the spring and summer to complete the dance and get it ready for filming. 

It's nice to take some time and focus on myself as a dancer. I spend so much of my studio time on my students and I am often too tired at the end of the day to take a personal dance moment. I wanted this particular dance to be it ended up being a full competition lyrical solo. Haha
We spent two hot mornings in the studio working it all out. There are things I love about it and some things I will do differently next time! As I get back into the regular dance season I'm hoping I will find a little time to put together some more little dance projects.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Drawings 41 - 46

41 - Bunny
Here are some more drawings from a few weeks ago. I'm heading back up to my cabin for the weekend so I'm trying to be as productive as possible before escaping to the land of no technology!

42 - Sugar Glider
Some days I feel like I'm running out of rodents and small things to draw but if I watch some David Attenborough nature documentaries I find that the world is full of odd, cute little furry creatures! It's amazing how many different variations of these small mammals have evolved over time throughout different parts of the world.
43 - Bumble Bee
Various insects, fish and birds have been a fun break from furry rodents but I have found that I have a few favorite animals. So far I've drawn multiple raccoons, foxes and bunnies but mice (or things that look like mice) seem to be my subconscious favorite. Otherwise I've been reasonably adventurous and attempted have to draw a wide variety of animals.

44 - Siamese Fighting fish
Part of what has slowed me down in this drawing process is getting good photos. I waited a week to take all of my fish and duck photos in front of a lake! It is also time consuming getting all of my Etsy listing photos edited and uploaded. Basically the tech side of things is the most frustrating part of making art, but let's face it, I have nothing to really complain about. 
45 - Ferret

Hopefully I will have a productive weekend at my cabin and have another batch of drawings ready for next week!
46 - Snail

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Drawings 34 - 40

34 - Bald Eagle
I'm sad to say that I have fallen behind. I am about five days behind on drawings and two weeks behind in my social media postings. There simply isn't enough time in a day to get everything done!

35 - Beaver

Despite falling behind and not quite achieving my goals I intend on pushing forward and attempting to catch up before I go back to being a full time dance teacher in September.
I may go back to making small weekly watercolour paintings depending on how busy life gets.

37 - Chipmunk
38 - Duck
I am slowly catching up on my photography so I can finally share these drawings from a couple of weeks ago!

I will hopefully have these guys in my Etsy shop before the end of the week.

39 - Clownfish

I have been adding a few new drawings a day the past few days to try and catch up, so be sure to check out my shop! 
40 - Koala

I've sold a few drawings so far; Big thanks to those people for their support! 

I should have another bunch of drawings to share soon!