Sunday, December 11, 2016

Journals of Gratitude

Winter holidays are a great time for celebrations and deep reflection. We contemplate fresh starts and new goals while we take time giving gifts of 'thanks' to those who mean the most in our lives. It is a time to get your affairs in order and dream those big life dreams.


Keeping a journal can be a very personal and therapeutic practice. Everyone has a different approach bun in the end we are all a little less stressed after writing down our thoughts. Keeping a gratitude journal or a quote book can be a positive daily ritual to help you stay focused on your goals.



Personally I always prefer to physically write things down on paper , which has led me to acquire a notebook collecting problem.


When I create these journals I am trying to make  a book worthy of your thoughts and inspirations. A safe space to feel empowered and inspired or a convenient place to write down your grocery list. In the end I hope it is an artistic addition to your life.


These journals feature original abstract watercolour paintings on their covers. They are hand stitched with bamboo cord using a coptic stitch that allows the binding to open flat to any page.

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