Friday, June 24, 2016

Daily Drawing Day 5

I have completed five days of my daily drawing challenge. I spent most of the week at my cabin, so completing a drawing a day has been really easy so far but I'm hoping that I get a little quicker with practice. 
I spent most of today
trying to get good photos of these critters. I ended up getting creative with flowers and sticks and have decided to make it a bit of a theme with these drawings!
Day 5 Squeeker
Day 4 - Hummingbird

 I will be posting my daily drawings on my facebook page and Instagram account daily. To make life a little easier for me I have decided to release the week's daily drawings every Friday. 

This weeks drawings are now for sale ($15) in my Etsy shop.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

One a Day Challenge 1-3

1 - Robert
I have decided to challenge myself this summer by making a small drawing every single day. In the past I have not been super successful with these types of challenges but I am really dedicating myself to this particular one. 
I'm taking it back to basics using only pencils and erasers and drawing small animals on 5" by 7" bristol paper. I'm hoping to improve my technique and speed with this challenge and to explore new subject matter with my art.
My Challenge began on Monday June 19 but since I was enjoying the silence of the forest at my cabin I couldn't post my first few drawings on time.

2 - Weasel
I'm going to attempt to post my daily drawings every day however I predict that I will miss the deadline every once and awhile. Each week I will update my Etsy shop with my drawings so if there is one that you like you can purchase them for $15 each.
3 - Koala

In loving memory of my little friend Robert I dedicated my first sketch to her. The Weasel and Koala were random cute selections from the animal kingdom!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Watercolour Notebooks

After months of neglect I have finally gotten around to replenishing my second Etsy shop, Das Buch. It has been sitting somewhat dormant for the last year and after selling a few books over Christmas it has looked exceptionally bare and boring. 
I made a couple of larger decorated moleskine notebooks a few weeks ago but this week I got serious about it!
I decided to create a line of abstract watercolour covered moleskine notebooks to cheer up my shop. I used thick watercolour paper for the cover which makes it stronger and added the ribbon to prevent the pages from getting bent. 
I personally love moleskine notebooks and use them to record my own creative thoughts. These covers were fun to create and are done in the style of some of my watercolour paintings. 
You can find these cute little notebooks at Das Buch on Etsy!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Five Female Artists to Follow on Instagram

When I'm feeling uninspired these days I often take an instagram break to see what all of my favorite artists are working on. Instagram has become the place to check out progress photos of artists creating their current master pieces. I love seeing what's on the easel or developing in their sketchbooks and it's a nice reminder that every artist has a slightly different creative process. 

Here are my five favorite female Instagram Artists!

Katy is a young british artist who works mostly with oils. I  love her  colour pallet and the looseness of her compositions. Her animals seem to be floating in my dreams....or something like that! Her instagram feed often features the current painting on her easel.

Kelly is my watercolour idol. Her work is detailed and interesting but not too real or literal. Her control over her medium is masterful and her instagram feed is full of videos and progress photos.

Caitlin's work is the perfect mix of illustration and fine art, with strong line work and beautiful animal themed compositions. 

 This watercolour artist has mastered the skill of making drips and splatters look perfectly placed. Her work is loose and emotional and I am a big fan!

Jana Birk paints big beautiful oil paintings that deal with innocence, youth and coming of age themes. Her work is sensual and sexually suggestive in a very interesting way. I hope that one day I will have the honor of viewing her art in person!

These artists keep my intsagram feed full of art and their inspiring processes!

Rachelle Dyer