Thursday, November 27, 2014

Speed painting - Pink tutu

 Painting videos are my new favorite thing to make!!! It is a great way to spend my lazy Wednesday afternoons (my day off from dance) and show my painting process. This is the third video that I have made and I am already starting the next one.

I am back on my dance theme for the moment but other images are brewing in the background of my mind so I will probably make some random works over xmas break! (....are we there yet?!)
I'm starting to understand my editing software a little more, although there was one stressful moment where I thought my completed video was gone forever!...but I found it again. lol
Pink Tutu (top image) and White tutu (such creative titles :P) are both 6" by 8" coloured ink on watercolour board.
Both these paintings are for sale in my Etsy Shop for just $30!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Art Videos

I have been watching cool art time lapse videos for awhile now and I finally decided to make my own. I chose a small 5" by 7" board because I figured I could start and finish it all in one day. The first video had about 1 hour of painting time in it and I edited and sped it up in windows movie maker. It took longer to make the video than paint the painting, lol. The problem with windows movie maker is that it is not capable of making a full screen video, which is silly given that my camera shoots in high definition. 

I found a free editing program called lightworks. It came with a warning that there is a steep learning curve and they were right!!! Not only do I not fully understand (yet) what I am doing but my ancient laptop (only 3 years old) has a hard time rendering the previews. So this second video was made with a great deal of trial and error and no preview, but I think I am starting to grasp how the program works. Which means the next one will be so much better! (....although I may have to reformat and defrag before I do more editing!)

The tutu painting is still available on Etsy!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The End on Inktober

During the month of October I completed 16 mini (4" by 5") ink paintings. My original goal was to paint one everyday (following the official rules of #inktober) but I realized by day three that I had underestimated the amount of painting time I have in a week. I am pretty happy with my success!

 My main focus was ballet but I painted some random things as well. My personal favorite is the red mushrooms in the forest. I recently bought some white ink and was experimenting with it. 

My friend Sebastian (who is responsible for all of the music in my painting videos) also contributed by drawing some trippy mushroom trip Aliens for me to colour in. 
 Haha, which is always fun!
 I did a lot of black and white ink paintings of my pointe shoes and feet. I teach ballet five days a week so I'm a little obsessed with pointed toes! lol

 All of these paintings are listed in my Etsy shop for only $20.

Thanks for stopping by!