Monday, August 25, 2014

64 Faces, A new sketchbook

I didn't walk into the store to purchase yet another sketchbook but when I found myself standing in front of the varying options I knew I had to get one. I carefully handled each book type, feeling the paper and reading specifications for media use. I finally decided that I needed to spend almost $40 on a striking Strathmore mixed media sketchbook containing 64 white pages. I clearly have no self control!
This sketchbook is going to be a project and challenge. I am going to draw/paint/sketch 64 different portraits, covering every page of this beautiful book; and I'm going to attempt to finish it by the end of the year! This gives me roughly 18 weeks to complete it which means I need to finish around 3.5 portraits per week. It doesn't sound like too much work but as of September I am back to being a full time ballet teacher so I will have to use my time wisely. 
These are the first 3 portraits. I used ink and coloured pencils and had the luxury of completing them while relaxing at my cabin! 
Special shout-out to Sebastian for rescuing my cream pencil from under the deck (it jumped out of the case and rolled through a crack just as I was packing up.) He skillfully lifted it out using an old fishing rod and medical tape....thanks for being a hero! ;)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Outdoor Ink

Summer really is my favorite time of year and I have spent a good portion of the last 2 months outside enjoying nature. I have trained the cabin squirrel (squeaker) and the lake gophers to eat from my hand, and made tentative friends with a neighborhood raccoon (not the ones in the painting) as well as a cute little vole.  
At the beginning of the summer I purchased a set of coloured Windsor Newton inks, and I love them! They are more vibrant than some of the watercolours I have been using and I am really pleased with the outcome. 
This painting is of a few curious raccoons that wandered into my friends garden; hence the title, "Raccoons in the Garden."
I was also kitten sitting this it took me a little longer to finish this painting than maybe it should have. lol
This painting is also for sale in my shop!


These little gophers live lakeside in Manning park and have become accustomed to eating blueberries. If I sit down on the grass I will have a small congregation of them sitting around me and sometimes on me while they munch their organic blueberries. They are rather picky and only eat the big ones! I seem to be good at making friends with rodents. :)