Saturday, August 17, 2013

People Who Dont like Art shows

I am honored to be participating in Canada's first RAW art event in Vancouver. I have spent the last three weeks painting, browsing hardware stores, working out my display and selling tickets. Selling tickets in the summer is hard enough because everyone is on vacation but selling tickets to an art show is even harder because most people dont get too excited about art shows. This never really occurred to me since I spent most of my childhood summer vacations browsing art galleries and museums and loved every minute of it. 

RAW is a different kind of show that does not include old ladies painting flowers (not that there is anything wrong with that!) and landscapes in a quiet library type setting. On Friday night Gossip nightclub will be filled with 40 different artist displays that you can browse through in between the fashion shows, live bands, pole dancer and comedian performances. Then at midnight the art comes down and the after party begins. This is an Art show for people who hate Art shows! There is nothing stuffy and boring about this event and there will be a lot of weird, I mean creative people there to connect with.

So if you are free Friday August 23 and want to do something different with your evening grab a $15 ticket to the premier RAW Vancouver event!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Two Weeks Till RAW

It is less than two weeks till RAW Vancouver and I am super excited but drowning in half finished paintings. Six paintings to be exact and I still need to start one more. 
This art show is unique as it celebrates all types of art and the artists behind it There is live entertainment in the form of a fashion show, musicians, hair and make-up artists and a film showing as well as 40 exhibiting fine artists. The event is about artists coming together, sharing and connecting.  

The show is being held at Gossip nightclub on August 23 and promises to be an entertaining night! There is something for everyone at this event and it promises to be an entertaining night!
I have $15 tickets for sale on my RAW profile, they will be $20 at the door!

I am also excited to be collaborating with  Sebastian and bringing colour to some of his drawings. There is always a somewhat abstract hidden story in his work and I enjoy retelling it with colour in different mediums. Although, that said some of the details (the bees) can be very tedious!!!

I will have another update on my progressing work at the end of the week!