Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Keep Dreaming

 Keep Dreaming

With every dream you dream
and every star you see
one more chance to become
who you want to be

Don't cry for every star
that falls from your sky
there's more where that came from
just dream big dreams and try!

Since I was on a deadline with this painting I had to make quick decisions...which I am not good at. Because of some of those quick decisions I feel unsettled about how this one turned out.
I took a bunch of reference photos over the summer at my cabin and luckily this one worked well in a square format. By the time I sketched it out and came up with the background half of my allotted month was gone. I dove into the project but because of my rush I feel like I missed many little things along the way but perhaps I am just paranoid. I prefer to sit and ponder a painting for hours/days/weeks sometimes before confidently moving on to the next step but there was not enough time for me to sit and stew about the concept/composition and small anatomy issues.
This painting is now for sale at the Oneft2 online Gallery. This gallery sells 12" by 12" paintings created by a handful of artists. I am very excited to be working with this gallery site and "Keep Dreaming" is my first contribution.

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