Friday, April 25, 2014

The conclusion to a Journey of Repainting

 A month ago I wrote about a very unfortunate accident that occurred somewhere in the depths of the postal system. Two carefully packaged paintings were somehow smashed beyond repair. My customer took photos of the damage and sent them to me so I could start my claim with Canada Post. 
At first I didn't hear from anyone regarding my claim which made me really nervous but after a few lengthy phone calls and about two weeks they informed me that my cheque was in the mail and I would receive it in 5-10 business days. Which I did!
The difficult part of this situation was repainting. Instead of just painting what I thought looked good I had to carefully measure and repaint until it was as perfect as I could get it to the original painting. I was worried about getting the colours right and using similar or the same brushes. I realized part way in that I was missing a tree on the larger painting, which meant that I had to move the trees around to make it fit. After working for weeks and comparing the new paintings to my original photos I finally finished them.
I am reasonably happy with the outcome and feel that I did my best to recreate these works of art but it still makes me sad to think of those poor smashed paintings.

Monday I get to ship these paintings to my patient customer and hopefully this nightmare will be over!

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