Thursday, November 27, 2014

Speed painting - Pink tutu

 Painting videos are my new favorite thing to make!!! It is a great way to spend my lazy Wednesday afternoons (my day off from dance) and show my painting process. This is the third video that I have made and I am already starting the next one.

I am back on my dance theme for the moment but other images are brewing in the background of my mind so I will probably make some random works over xmas break! (....are we there yet?!)
I'm starting to understand my editing software a little more, although there was one stressful moment where I thought my completed video was gone forever!...but I found it again. lol
Pink Tutu (top image) and White tutu (such creative titles :P) are both 6" by 8" coloured ink on watercolour board.
Both these paintings are for sale in my Etsy Shop for just $30!

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