Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Custom Pink Journal

This past week I had the honor of creating a custom book destined to be used as a wedding album/scrapbook. I enjoy custom work although there is always a little bit of extra stress involved in getting it completed on time.
I had to work a few late nights and early mornings but I got it completed and into the postal system within a week! It took me about three hours to paint the gold on the covers and approximately 2 hours of cutting, folding and gluing papers for the ten signatures. Sewing it together and gluing end papers took another hour. It probably took me a total of 6 hours to make....not including drying time etc. I used thicker paper because it will be used to glue photos and memorabilia and stitched it together slightly looser than usual to make room in the binding for the paper that will be added to it.
I am quite pleased with this particular journal and will be making more like it as soon as dance ends for the year!

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