Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer Vacation has Begun!

Toxic - sketchbook
I woke up this sunny Monday morning and for the first time in way too long I had nothing I had to do! Ahhhhhh Freedom! Naturally this meant an expensive trip to Michaels and paint all over the kitchen cabinets.
The last two weeks I have been busy with dance shows. Tutu's, sparkles and angle wings were all around me and it was a blast. There is nothing more rewarding than 5 year-olds in pink performing their ballet dance with passion and pizazz and it was nice to get my own butt back on stage with my favorite people! But after the craziness of the last few months, my body hurts and I am in need of a little break.

This week I have been focusing on an old painting I have never been satisfied with and working some things out in my sketchbook. I'm taking some time to relax and letting my mind wander before re-focusing on my art goals and more serious paintings. I will be updating this blog more frequently over the next two months since I have lots of time to sit and paint!

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