Wednesday, September 2, 2015


A few weekends ago at the cabin we saved a tired bat. He fell out of the sky around 7pm and seemed to be in distress. He couldn't seem to fly and when he tried he would fly erratically and then end up on the ground again. Using a stick we transferred him to a box and offered him sugar water and a few crickets. He drank some of the water and then sat happily crunching his crickets. He slowly crawled out of the box and was just sitting on the tree stump. We kept thinking he had died ( at least he had a fantastic last meal) but then he would twitch and move again. We gave him a little tree bark tent and left him to figure his life out. A few hours later he had flown away...hopefully fully recovered to live out the rest of his life....happily ever after?! 
I decided to make a little painting of Batty to accompany the video. It is 4" by 5" watercolour and ink and is listed in my Etsy shop for just $20.

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