Friday, November 27, 2015

Acrylic Floral Study 3

Tis the Season for great sales and overly busy stores. As much as I dislike the commercialism of this particular season I couldn't help but make a stop at Michaels on Tuesday to pick up a few 70% off canvases! I bought a small stack of 5" by 7" canvases and intend on painting some random studies on them. Because they are so small they will be a nice affordable addition to my Etsy shop. 
Getting back to acrylics this year (I've spent the last two years playing with mostly watercolours and ink) has been a lot of fun but I want to use these small canvases to help brush up my skills for larger acrylic paintings. 

I started and completed this rose painting on Wednesday. Although I'm always tempted to add more detail I tried to keep this one nice and simple and as classic as possible. My Dad and I have discussed at length how difficult flowers can be so I thought this was a good opportunity to practice!
Acrylic floral study 3 is 5" by 7" acrylic on canvas. I painted the edges black so it doesn't need a frame, which makes this a cheap and easy way to decorate your wall! It is now available in my Etsy shop!

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