Friday, July 8, 2016

Big Daily Drawing Update!

6 - Owl
7 - Raccoon
11 - Panda
8 - butterfly on a Flower
 10 - Flying Squirrel
Despite the fact that I have not managed to post a new drawing everyday I have so far been successful in creating one a day! I was on holidays for ten days so I am now finally caught up on all of my photos so I can finally share them properly. If you have been following my progress on Instagram then you are already up to date!

9 - Penguin
Unfortunately while I was away Canada Post decided to go on strike. This means that I will not be able to ship anything
13 - Fennec Fox
12  Frog
14 - Raccoon
till they go back to work. Other services cost $20 for sending an envelope instead of the $4 I usually pay so unfortunately I will have to wait it out. I will still be posting these drawings on Etsy and any orders that go through in the mean time will ship as soon as the postal system is up and running again. 

15 - butterfly
16 - Chipmunk
 My last blog post had my first five drawings in it. Since then I have completed a total of eighteen drawings! I am proud of my ability to be consistent and diligent in completing my daily drawings. I fell behind for one day but caught up right away. My goal is to continue this throughout the summer and complete at least 80 drawings! 

17 - Goldfish
These drawings are up and available in my Etsy shop and as soon as Canada Post starts doing their job I will be able to sell and ship them. 

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