Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hedgehog Week

Don't worry, Hedgehog week isn't a 'thing'...(at least I don't think it is) my art from this past week was unintentionally hedgehog themed.
Hedgehogs are really interesting creatures and fun easy pets to keep. I've written about my female hedgehog named Robert before and naturally these projects are based on her! She recently had a little episode that was either a stroke or the beginnings of wobbly hedgehog syndrome. Since then she has been leaning to the left a little and falling over intermittently although her wobbliness hasn't seemed to progress in the past weeks so I'm hoping she will still live out her full lifespan.

I've been playing with ink lately and I am really enjoying it. This painting is Windsor Newton coloured inks and then white acrylic paint on top for her quills and fur. I really like the vibrancy of these inks compared with watercolour and I intend to continue to experiment and combine the two.

This was my first time playing with sculpey. I was buying clay for another project and felt the urge to make a little critter out of something that would harden. I love sculpey. It is easy to use and doesn't leave your hands feeling gross. I baked her for an hour and fifteen minutes. My sister and I felt a little weird about it though as she was looking at us from inside the oven. lol

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