Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Speed Painting - Pointe shoes II

I have finally put together my fourth speed painting video. The painting was complete two weeks ago but I have been busy making Christmas cards and other gifts. I have also been procrastinating...but Christmas stuff is a good excuse! ;)
This painting is 8" by 10" and painted with acrylic black and white ink on watercolour board mounted to a cradled wood panel. It took me about two hours and 15 minutes to paint it, not including drying time etc. In real time I spent two afternoons painting and filming it. I Sped this one up a little more than the last few because it was going to be longer than the music Sebastian gave me. Plus, no one needs to watch a 6 minute video that they could enjoy in 5 minutes.

My prickly Hedgehog friend Robert also makes a brief appearance in this video. I woke her up from her slumber to film it so she is a little lethargic and slow. She is nocturnal and a reasonably grouchy creature, especially during the day!

This painting can be found in my Etsy shop along with the rest of my available paintings and prints!

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