Sunday, January 4, 2015

A New Year, A New Sketchbook

Happy New Year to everyone out there, I hope 2015 treats you well!
I am proud to announce that I finished my sketchbook virtually on time (except for some minor alterations of the last page) and got to start my new one January 1st. This is the first sketchbook that I have completed cover to cover! I did my last few sketches in pen which is a lot quicker than pencil. My poor old sketchbook is held together with monkey tape and glue so it is time to fill my new pristine book with scribbles and drips.
I filled the last few pages with dance sketches and some collaborations that are on the path to becoming paintings. I experimented with ball point pens and found them to be far faster than shading with graphite. 
The last page I gave to Sebastian. When we got home on New Years Eve he thought he would be funny by scrawling some 'inappropriate' words across the pen. He fixed it the next day and painted me a fantastic last page to complete 3 years of sketching! 
Now I have a book with 116 blank pages for me to fill!

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