Sunday, April 5, 2015

Bunny Day

Happy Easter, Bunny day, spring time etc. (Religious holidays are confusing when you aren't religious.) Every year I google Easter to try and better understand the rituals behind this odd celebration. In pagan times it was about Spring, fertility and rebirth. Which is why we paint eggs to display around our homes. Bunnies fit into those ideas as well, although I'm pretty sure the pagan bunnies didn't lay chocolate eggs. Easter became a christian celebration when Rome decided to make Christianity the required religion of the area. The new roman catholic church created equivalent celebrations for the pagan holidays so people would be easier converts. That is why Easter has turned into a christian religious event with a side  story of a magical bunny that breaks into your house to leave eggs in every nook and cranny. lol
Since I actually had 3 days off, in a row I decided I should make a little Easter painting. I thought about painting eggs...but only had brown eggs on hand. So I had fun painting an abstract tree using many layers of watercolours and ink and then painted my "Easter eggs" separately on a different sheet of paper. I then cut them out and collaged them into my piece. It's a little busy but I would consider it to be experimental.
My long weekend was reasonably relaxing and I hope yours was too!

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