Thursday, April 2, 2015

Art in the Family

 It is strange how artistic traits seem to have some sort of genetic predisposition. I have three aunts and a cousin that grew up dancing, two of them became dance teachers and the other two pursued artistic careers and hobbies. 
My father is also an artist/painter. When he was young he painted regularly and created enough paintings for my Grandma to fill every wall of her house with his art. As a kid I loved to wander through the rooms, carefully examining each painting. 
When I was growing up my Dad didn't have much time to paint but there was always a painting on the easel, even if the progress was stalled for years at a time. Recently he has found himself with tons of spare time and has gotten back into painting!
He has also switched from painting with oil to acrylic. The canal painting at the top of the page is his last oil painting and the rest is acrylic. The shorter drying time of acrylic paint allows him to work on the same painting a little bit every day. I love watching his paintings progress and we spend a lot of time analyzing and critiquing our respective work.
Following my great advice he has recently put together a website for his paintings which he updates regularly with his latest art. His paintings are also available as prints on Artpal.

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