Thursday, July 30, 2015

3D Painting...sort of

Most of the time I am sufficiently happy to spend my time in a two dimensional world of painting, but every so often I crave a three dimensional project. Yes, this means I have started yet another project/series leaving all of my other art endeavors to silently collect dust for a few days/weeks. I wish I was a little less scattered with my inspiration and projects but I also like to follow that inner voice that compels me to make strange useless things. 

I bought a few packs of  firm sculpey this week and just started experimenting and playing with it. Sticking to a nice and easy subject matter I made a decent looking pointe shoe with ribbons. My issue then was how to best display it. I found this cute little 4" by 5" frame, so I painted the frame and backboard which would then provide the background and platform for the shoe. 
After putting this all together I realized that I had subconsciously recreated my pointe shoe paintings which I have been painting on an off for the past five years.  I am currently sitting in front of two paintings with similar colour schemes and aesthetics which means I just accidentally made a three dimensional version of one of my paintings...weird. 
This little guy can now be found in my Etsy shop and chances are there will be a few more variations of this before I move on to other projects. :)

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