Monday, July 6, 2015

Robert's Feature Film

You may have noticed that a few of my videos feature a prickly little Hedgehog. This little friend is Robert, and yes she is a girl. Robert lives a privileged life. She sleeps and lounges in a blanket with multiple doors, tunnels/vents and has two rooms to run around in. She is trained to poop in a box (most days) and is sometimes smarter than I want to give her credit for. This video features some of her more mischievous moments!
You may also notice that her head is a little crooked. Almost exactly a year ago she had what we think was a stroke. She couldn't walk properly and was presenting symptoms associated with wobbly Hedgehog syndrome (yep, that's a thing.) I was scared she was dying and for a few days she barely ate or moved. After about a week she was walking slowly but crooked and since then has made a full recovery...except for her lopsided little ears. She has not had any more episodes so I don't think she is a wobbly hedgehog, which is a relief. Her crookedness just gives her character! lol 

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