Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Rainy Day at the Cabin

We spent this past weekend at the cabin....again! When we woke up Saturday morning we realized that the weather man had been right and it was going to rain all day long, making it the perfect day for an indoor video project. I always travel with extra art supplies and paint but the majority of this project is created with found objects. Sebastian went foraging in the woods while I painted the background and then we set it up beside the window so we would have as much natural light as possible! 
The whole project took about three hours to complete. We spent about an hour taking 243 photos which then turned into only 15 seconds of video. Stop motion animation is very tedious and slightly stressful as the slightest bump of the table can ruin the whole project.
The worm worked out surprisingly well in the little butter container. I think he was really high off of the yellow nail polish fumes. He managed to move at the perfect speed although he slowed down a bit near the end and needed some help. 
This little project has inspired a larger one that I am currently working on the background for. This next one will be longer and much more complex. Rainy days sometimes inspire the best ideas and concepts!

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