Thursday, October 1, 2015

64 Faces - September update

Last August I started a sketchbook dedicated to portraits. My idea was that I would get a couple portraits drawn a week and complete the sketchbook in a timely fashion. What actually happened was that I worked in it on and off and then it got lost under the clutter of other sketchbooks and temporarily forgotten until this past month. After a year I have only completed 19 of 64 faces.
These portraits are all of random people (although Sebastian volunteered a photo of himself in a wig) and I try to connect the opposing pages through colour or background designs as much as possible. This sketchbook is all about practice and colour experimentation.  

My new goal is to have this sketchbook completed by the summer of 2016 which means I have 9 months to paint 45 portraits. It's possible, assuming I stay focused and on task!

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