Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Year End
Christmas is finally over and all of the art projects that went with it! In total I made 25 cards, 10 mini cards, 2 custom paintings and a few other things for some special friends. My holidays were filled with family, friends, too many dinners and an unfortunate encounter with that nasty flu that's making the rounds. Santa brought me warm socks for dance class and my sister replaced my empty watercolours! (I also managed to acquire another Hedgehog!)
I am happy now to be getting back to my art and painting for the remainder of this holiday break.
In total this year I completed 25 paintings although about half of them were very small. In the next year I would like to complete a few larger pieces as well as more little ones for my Etsy shop. mushroom paintings will be the last ones I complete this year. The first version of Shrooms on a Hill is acrylic on canvas 5" by 7" and the second one is watercolour and pen and measures 4" by 5". They can be found in my Etsy shop

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