Wednesday, June 22, 2016

One a Day Challenge 1-3

1 - Robert
I have decided to challenge myself this summer by making a small drawing every single day. In the past I have not been super successful with these types of challenges but I am really dedicating myself to this particular one. 
I'm taking it back to basics using only pencils and erasers and drawing small animals on 5" by 7" bristol paper. I'm hoping to improve my technique and speed with this challenge and to explore new subject matter with my art.
My Challenge began on Monday June 19 but since I was enjoying the silence of the forest at my cabin I couldn't post my first few drawings on time.

2 - Weasel
I'm going to attempt to post my daily drawings every day however I predict that I will miss the deadline every once and awhile. Each week I will update my Etsy shop with my drawings so if there is one that you like you can purchase them for $15 each.
3 - Koala

In loving memory of my little friend Robert I dedicated my first sketch to her. The Weasel and Koala were random cute selections from the animal kingdom!

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