Thursday, March 26, 2015

A New Skill

This week I learned/relearned how to make hand made recycled paper, and it might be my new favorite thing! I have been cutting paper for book leaves which leaves me with a bunch of odd shaped scraps and I have finally found a way to recycle them. 
I made a little paper screen out of two old photo frames and some stiff tutu tulle (since I didn't want to buy a whole roll of screen from home depot.) I used my own scraps of paper as well as brown paper bags making this a recycling project. Some of the paper has sparkles in it and I dyed a few sheets using acrylic ink. Each sheet of paper measures approximately 5" by 8". 
The past few days I have immersed myself in paper making as well as paper marbling videos. I am slightly obsessed! I plan to master these skills and see where they lead me. Sometimes learning something new opens new doors to different ideas and concepts, which is always a good thing while making art. 
I have not quite figured out what I want to do with this paper and I am already planning another batch. It may turn into journals, art, cards or I might just sell it as is in my book shop.   :)

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