Sunday, September 18, 2016


Symbiosis - acrylic 9" by 12"
This painting was dreamed up a few months ago but I finished it over the summer at my cabin. I was having an art block one day so I asked Sebastian to draw me a plant....and this is what I ended up with! Ha ha :)

It's one of our stranger collaborations, but I kinda like it. I enjoy the odd pairings of life in this painting, which seem to be both reliant and independent of each other. It's always fun to paint some crazy idea from someone elses head!

 It took me a few weeks to pick a title but I finally settled on "Symbiosis," which refers to the essential relationships between all of the different kinds of life found on our planet. 
This acrylic painting is painted on a 9" by 12" gallery wrapped canvas and is available in my Etsy shop!

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