Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spring Break

Ahhhhh, it feels so good to have one week off! I think everyone should get a week off in March. It gives you time to rest, catch up on things and get your taxes done! I have been doing all those things plus making as much art as possible!
On Monday I made some attainable goals to finish old projects but by Tuesday I found that I had started a handful of new projects. Being inspired is a great thing but unfinished art is piling up around me and some of it might not be completed till summer at this rate!
It's been awhile since I replenished the journals in my secondary Etsy shop, Das Buch so I collected some of my chipboard scraps and decided to do a series of cute little pocket sized books. Thus far I have completed one and I am hoping to get at least 2 more completed before my break is over.
This little journal has a hand painted cover (front and back) and is filled with blue and white paper (80 pages.) I used fancy gold paper for the spine which matches the gold beads on the ends of the braided rope that ties around the book. I stitched the journal together using waxed twine and a coptic stitch  that allows the book to open flat without damaging the binding. 
This book also contains my first attempt at paper marbling. Historically the end papers of books  contained marbled paper and I have been interested in the process ever since I watched an inspirational video on it. I bought an ink kit that does not require a carageenan mixture to make the pigment float. I simply floated the ink on the water and carefully placed my paper into the swirled mixture. The effect was pretty cool and I am going to experiment with different papers and colours. This journal has more handmade elements than some of my other books and I am really excited about how cute it is.
This little book is now listed in my Das Buch etsy shop along with my other creations!

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