Friday, March 6, 2015

Sketchbook sketches

Dance competition season has arrived, ballet exams are done and June is closer than I think. I am tired and stressed but I get Sunday off and there is only one week left till spring break! 

This weeks art was sketchbook based. Last week I lingered too long in the art section at Michaels and ended up with a new small sketchbook. I didnt quite finish my last sketchbook of this size  but since it is held together with tape I managed to convince myself that I deserved a new one. I purchased a Strathmore drawing sketchbook (5.25" by 8") and even though it is meant for dry media it is holding up well with watercolour washes. I've been drawing some pretty random stuff lately...probably dealing with stress and body pain. I watch a lot of nature/animal documentaries ( I highly recommend David Attenborough's new series!!!) so some of those animals are starting to show up in my art.

My plan is that some of these concepts will become paintings or journal covers. If I do enough random drawings at least a couple are bound to be worthy of greater things! 

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