Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Whalien

I have finally completed this odd painting and I am going to attempt to explain it a little. Before Christmas I was snooping through Sebastian's sketchbooks looking for something to turn into a gift for him. I came across this whale (I thought it was a fish...although upon further examination it is definitely a whale) which I have always liked but forgot about.
 I asked him what the story behind the fish was and he replied that it was a whale, floating in space...aka a Whalien! lol
I immediately started researching galaxy paintings and painting test galaxies for the background. I also started sketching it out in my sketchbook so he could add in the planets and other alien life. 

Progress on this painting was slow and tedious but only because I didn't want to make a mess and have to start over. I spent a weekend intermittently painting stars as white dots quickly get boring, but the overall effect is pretty cool. My sister was a fan of this painting from the initial sketch onwards and has since claimed it as her own! So I have 11" by 14" prints available on Etsy!

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